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Saving Lives Millions at a Time: The Book


Eighteen months ago, Dean Alfred Sommer set an ambitious goal for the School: Tell the story of public health and how the School works to protect health and save lives.

The result of Dean Sommer’s vision is a book called Saving Lives Millions at a Time, published this spring. In this special magazine issue, we have collected some of the book’s images and words into three sections.

Read about public health's past accomplishments—safe drinking water, vitamins, vaccines, seatbelts—and about future successes being crafted in the School’s labs and classrooms. Explore the latest research on the genetic threads that make life possible, read dispatches from the cellular battlefields where pathogenic enemies are discovered and vanquished, investigate the societal mores and behavior that influence health, and share the personal stories of faculty, students, and alumni who have committed their lives to saving others.